Friday, April 10, 2009

4th CSA Veggie Pick Up: That was Quick

I have to say I am still disappointed. This time, this pick- up it was mostly leaves, the same as before, but now also Kale (I think) plus cilantro and finally brussel sprouts. There isn't much to say about this pick-up I'm afraid. My husband came with me this time (he is back from Iraq), so the ride there didn't seem so long as it has before and he helped me quiet down the kids. That was nice. My girls just can't go anywhere without fighting. He seemed pretty excited about the CSA too. I think he is just excited to be home. I am too. Then he saw the one bag of veggies. He said, "That was quick!" I said, " I told you". He looks at the bag again and he says "That's it!" I said, "Yep! I told you!" He wasn't angry. Nor was I. We just keep hoping more will come as time passes. As of now we are just experimenting with recipes with these new foods, especially all these bitter leaves. My recent batch of sauteed greens didn't taste very good. My husband couldn't eat them. The only thing missing this time was the onions. I run out of onions the day before and tried onion powder. Needless to say it didn't do the trick. My guess is that onion hides the bitterness of the leaves. Next time I'll make sure to have onions and I hope this time it tastes better.

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