Monday, May 11, 2009

7th CSA Pickup and the Garden

Did I mention we had a Topsy  Turvy? We found one at Home Depot while looking for plants to put in the flower garden as well as the vegetable garden. Our vegetable garden isn't coming at the speed that we hoped, mostly because we don't have time to tend to it. The fruits we planned on putting in the ground our still in pots. Our Topsy Turvy however is growing at a quick speed. We bought them at a discount. They were the last two Topsy Turvy left at the store and they were the display already out of the box, so we didn't even get the instructions on what to do with it. We are sort of winging it. We gave one to our neighbor. So far so good. We have however seen some aphids and there appears to be a tiny worm or snail leaving a white trail throughout a few of the leaves. We plan to look up organic ways to get rid of these pest, but again life is a busy one and we have very little time to research and read stuff lately. We have decided that if this Topsy Turvy fruits well we will buy more next year. My neighbor said he may even be able to hand make his own Topsy Turvy.

We haven't been experimenting with new foods lately either. Because we are limited on time we're back to some of the same old meals as before. This saddens me a bit. Last CSA came with 3 different types of squash and I would love to try new ways of eating these. I am hoping to have a little extra time this week or next to catch up. 

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