Friday, June 26, 2009

DIY Findings For Organic Gardening & Conserving Water

Below are very informative sites I have found online. I thought I would share with anyone interested in organic living or gardening. I hope it helps.

1.DIY Gardening: Making an Upside Down Tomato Planter
I thought this was great and I plan to show my husband as well as my neighbor. It looks so easy.

2. How to Build a Rain Barrel
It seems so simple. I posted a question on Gather and other social networking sites about large containers and the advice given so far is to find food grade plastic barrels from places like Dunkin Doughnuts, restaurants and so on. That's a pretty good idea. There are also a few cheap ones on eBay that cost about $25-$45 plus a few dollars to buy the parts. That is a lot cheaper than already made barrels. Still in an effort to conserve every dime and be as eco-friendly as possible I would like to buy or get a free used barrel. I would also like to find some locally.To reduce my carbon footprint and keep some money in my pocket. Shipping something like this can get expensive.

3. More DIY rain barrel step by step instructions

4. And another one here
5. Seasonal Ingredient Map
This is a great site to refer to each new season. It is very helpful and I can't believe I haven't already told or emailed my husband about the site.

6. Food Dictionary
I have used this site many times already and thought it a great idea to share if I haven't already.

7. Community Garden

8. Farmers Market Online In Season

9. Organic Food and Beyond: 18 à la Carte Tips to Green Your Meals

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