Monday, June 15, 2009

Epson Salt and No Rain for Days

It hasn't rained for days. It is hot, humid and our grass is turning brown. We are only using our water to water the plants that can't take it without water. Still our water bill has gone up. The forecast does not predict any rain for the next ten days either. Meanwhile we are still looking for wooden barrels to make into planters for our organic container gardening and plastic barrels to make into rain barrels which would have done us a lot of good these days had we already had them. Not much luck. These barrels are expensive and no one is willing to give any for free. Who would want to? These barrels are valuable.

In the mean time this is what I have found on Epson Salt. I read many tips about the benefits of Epson Salt in the gardening books I checked out from the library. Take a look below:

By the way if you have your own garden register it here for free.


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  1. Here's an interesting paper that discusses and refutes some of the Epson salt claims.