Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm Melting

Between the heat and the many days without rain I feel like I'm melting. My organic garden definitly is. Even the strongest of plants are wilting. Where ever there isn't wilt there are weeds and I at times feel defeated. We can't water, but only during certain times... The rain comes only for a little while every two weeks or so and the rest of the time is too hot to be outside. It is too hot to be inside. I feel like I'm going crazy indoors. To conserve energy all the blinds and doors and everything are closed. The lack of sunlight is .....I'm too lazy to even write this entry and there are so many things I need to write about...the CSA veggies and CSA meat, the new recipes, my new camera that takes better pictures of all these foods and plants, etc... Maybe next time when the heat goes away.

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