Thursday, October 1, 2009

Target, Broccoli, And The Garden

Last week, after taking a ride to see if the new HEB was open yet (we had to run some other errands in that area too) and realizing it wasn't open we drove to HEB. when we parked I showed my husband how easy it was to remember to grab the reusable bags in the back of or car. We shopped for the things we needed. I told him to keep the cost down and for our health we needed to cut down some on packaged food. That proved harder than I hoped. After all Target is no Farmer's Market. Still we cut down on packaged food.

My husband doesn't really like when I shop because I avoid unhealthy snacks and other unhealthy foods. He says I suffer for it too. He's right. This week I have been jumping up an down in craving for chocolate. The fair trade and organic chocolate is out of our budget. We could barely afford the organic milk. I did however grab a gallon. We cut down on our meat purchase too and we are managing to survive off what we bought but my husband already had to go back to the store today to buy something extra for dinner to feed out neighbor so we would ave enough. What it comes down to is that we were raised a certain way to eat and to adjust or try to adjust to a new way of eating without much counseling or opportunity thanks to where we live this is proving to be difficult. Still this issues is not what my entry was suppose to be about. It was suppose to be about the reusable bags.

So, as we are checking out at the check out line, the cashier (with super customer service) is kindly interrupted by another cashier. The other cashier whispers a reminder to her that we get 5 cents bag for every reusable bag we use. It's a new thing she tells her and then points to a note or something close to the cashiers register. We are then told and I was delighted. Yeah!

I am still delighted. Finally that idea, which I knew happened in other states is finally happening here. I love it. I would use my totes either way, but now I get money back too. I wonder if HEB will start this soon?

On another note I think organic milk has something to do with my smoother clearer skin and less painful menstrual cycle. Not to get to specific, but those few months that we were on WIC and back on regular milk I noted my skin break out and during my menstrual cycle it felt again like it did when I was many painful cramps. Now that I'm back on organic, just a 1 month and a pain free menstrual cycle and nicer skin. It could just be a coincidence or wishful thinking. It could just be that I'm eating healthier now too.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, we took down the Topsy Turvy. Can you believe there was a bird nest in there? We also added compost to my front garden. We tilled the dirt a bit. Moved some plants around , planted some broccoli seedlings, some leak seedlings and some lettuce seed varieties. We added the excess (almost over flowing) worm poo from our worm compost into some of the front garden and the rest into our compost bin. I then went to the back yard to pull up some weeds and lift up the melon and watermelon/tomato plant. The cucumber is still giving us cucumbers, but now something is attacking it. There are some orange bugs on it with 6 long black legs. I'm trying to identify them, but still don't know for sure. The orange bug is either an assassin, a soldier bug or a stinky bug. I should catch one and take it to a professional gardener.

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