Friday, November 13, 2009

The Fridge is Making Me Rethink The Whole Food Storage System

Right now we can't afford a new fridge. We can't afford a repair guy either, but can we afford to go without a fridge? Can a family of 5 survive without a fridge. If it breaks down can living on daily fresh organic nuts, fruit, vegetables and beans be enough? There are many people that live vegan lives, do they need a fridge? What if our garden was filled with food daily...

Luckily, my neighbor came to the resuce again and fixed what he thinks is wrong with the fridge this time. It seems to be working again, but this is the third time it has had to be repaired. Will it break down again and if so is going without a fridge an option? Could we do it for a week? How about a month? Could we go without it even longer? During the Ike aftermath we survived without a fridge for more than a week. It wasn't easy and we had to eat what we already had stored away because the stores and restaurants were closed, but what if they had been open?

Our ancestors use to gather food daily and survived. They had a hard life but they survived. We have more resources now, couldn't we survive too?

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