Monday, November 9, 2009

I Cooked Tofu Today For The First Time

Late last week I finally dared myself to buy a package of tofu. Today, realizing that I forgot to thaw meat I grabbed the tofu from the refrigerator. I had never cooked tofu before. I didn't even know how to begin. My daughter's just watched me as I stared at the tofu after I took it out of the refridgeator. Then I walked up to my computer to look for a recipe. My oldest daughter, sweet thing that she is, told me to look up a recipe at allingredients then she corrected herself and said

Instead I just Swagbucked Tofu and clicked on a few links. Two of them were YouTube videos. Both of them suggested cutting up the tofu, draining the water in the tofu, mixing the tofu in a bowl of flour and spices of choice and then frying it in a little bit of vegetable oil. As a side dish vegetable stir fry and some white rice. That is exactly what I did. How did it taste? It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. It tasted much better than I expected, a little bit like bland french toast. Not bad for my first time.

My oldest liked it a lot. She just mentioned it needed salt. My youngest ate half of it. My 10 month old gobbled it up. Before we sat down to eat it, I made sure to tell my oldest daughter who has been feeling guilty for eating meat lately (killing of an animal) that if she chooses to she can have healthy meals without meat just like "this one". This made her very happy and eased her mind a bit. Poor thing.

What did I learn today? Tofu really isn't that bad. I plan to cook with it again.

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