Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Cold Is Still Here And So Is the Brocolli

This week the cold has come again (cold for this area anyways), but it hasn't beat the brocolli. The florets just keep growing. I've never seen brocolli grow before. I've always seen it cut and ready to buy at the grocery store. I had no idea they could be such tall plants. I can't wait to taste. My youngest daughter is the most excited about the brocolli florets. She came in screaming in excitement about it the other day.

The lettuce is growing slowly but well alongside the brocolli too. I forget what type of lettuces we planted but we have about 3 different kinds and the cilantro, rosemary and parsley look amazing.  These are such green plants in such a dreary time of year. I only wish we had them in in raised beds instead of my flat garden in the front yard.

Did I tell you I have lillie's ( I think they're lillies) too. They came with the house and I had no idea, but one day I saw these pretty bright green grass leaves growing in the corner of the garden by the front porch where the shade hits. A few days or weeks later ( I can't recall how much time passed) in the center of these long leaves there is a long stem. Some time later beautiful white flowers bloom from that stem. It was beautiful.

Last  year I finally figured out what the little nubs on the plant were. So I broke some off and planted them in a pot. Now I have about 5 growing (more than double the first few years) on their own in the ground and two more in a pot. I can't wait until they bloom.  

The rest of the garden looks like crap because of the freeze, but I can tell, despite their appearance that some of these plants have a good chance of a come back. There will be plenty of pictures to post then.

Pictures by G.C-H 2010

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