Monday, August 9, 2010

I Used My Rain Barrel Today

I used my rain barrel today. It was quite comical. There I was pulling weeds from my back garden when I glanced over at the barrel and noticed about an inch of water inside. So, I slid it close to the squash and then dumped the water out near the squash. Yes, in this heat and through my neglect it is still alive (barely) and so is the cucumber.

One day I promise I will actually find some time to fix that rain barrel so that it can collect more rain if it ever rains. Between kids and work and laziness there after I'm too pooped to go out in the garden and it's so hot outside and the mosquitoes are evil.... Yes, I know, "Excuses! Excuses!"

My accomplishments in the garden are as rare as the rain here, but like the rain when I'm out there I'm pouring.

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