Wednesday, September 8, 2010

She bought me oranges roses and some...

I love my sister. Even when her heart is broken, she extends act of kindness to other. For example, just a few days ago while feeling lonely she went garden shopping. As she's there she give me a call and as we talk she tells me about the amazing sale going on. Then she asks me what I would be interested in. I tell her I'd love some orange or yellow roses, or vegetables for my garden.

A few hours later she shows up at the door, walks me to the trunk of her car and tells me to pick one of the 3 flower bushes (except the purple one) she has in her trunk. I pick the lighter orange one and then she hands me two tomato plants too. I ask her how much I owe her and she says, "Nothing" and she meant it. To pay her would offend her.

I know my sister is struggling financially it was very sweet of her to do. Now when I look at my orange roses I think of m y sister and how much I love her.

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