Sunday, October 24, 2010

Its Not a Cucumber At All

I'm off my rocker. Today I discovered that the cucumber I was growing is no cucumber at all, but instead a cantaloupe. I discovered this when my husband insisted it wasn't cucumber and told me to go look outside. I thought he was crazy and admitted that the cucumber is awfully round and the yellow flowers were slightly different.... He insisted I go look.

I hadn't looked in two days and really didn't expect to see the change I did. Sure enough the skin on this vegetable now fruit had hardened and began to develop those common rough spots seen on cantaloupes. It looked exactly like a cantaloupe, except it was still green. LOL. I'm an idiot!

The good news two years of trying and I have successfully finally grown a cantaloupe. The bad news I don't label my seeds as well as I should. The good news I discovered that when cantaloupe is picked early before the skin begins to harden it tastes like cucumber with thick skin. The bad news I now don't have cucumbers on the trellis and I didn't prepare for growing cantaloupe. The good news.... I have cantaloupe!

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