Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Cucumber/Cantalope

One Week Before Picking
It's a cucumber
Remember back in October when I mentioned that my cucumber was not a cucumber at all? I felt like a moron, but I was delighted when I began to see it grow into a cucumber. I waited and waited for it to grow larger or riper, but when I began to see the stem die off I knew it was time to pick. There I was delighted to finally have something to share with my neighbor. Then I turned it around to look at it and noticed a large crack through the skin. No!!!!!! Was it rotten?

I ran inside cut off the skin and discovered inside an unripe but already rotting cantaloupe. :( Why? Not sure. No bug was attacking it. Darn if I let it go to waist though. I cut out the seeds, saved them to use again and then I cut out the little ripeness there was to the cantaloupe. I wish I would have take pictures. I shared  a taste with each kid and... it wasn't bad. It wasn't sweet, but it was edible. It was like a mix between a cucumber and a cantaloupe.

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