Friday, January 21, 2011

Organic Milk and Little Sis

My little sis has taken an interest in my green lifestyle lately and is adapting some of this style in her own life. Earlier this week she called me to ask me a few more questions about She was asking most of the same question I asked when I first began to consider becoming part of a CSA. She wanted to know how much it cost. She wanted to know what the difference was between CSA and Co-Op. She wanted to know how it was all delivered... So, I told her what I knew, what I've learned and then I told her to talk to the farmers too.

A few days later she called again. She's been calling a lot lately. She barely called as a teenager. I enjoy the phone calls. She talks a lot sure, but I like that. Okay, sometimes having screaming kids in the background can make it difficult to have a long conversations with her, but when the kids are calm a phone conversation with her is quite enjoyable. Beside right now, certain things that she says... remind me of myself at that age. Not that I'm a hundred years older than her or anything, but there is an 8 year gap and in 8 years a lot can change.

I remember that. Right about the same age I began to call my older sisters a lot too. I just wanted intelligent people to talk to, people I loved and trusted  that were willing to hear me out (vent) even if they didn't agree with what I said.  As I grew older I realized friendships don't last forever , but sisterships do. So, I turned to my sisters for friendship.

Yesterday, my little sis called me again. This time the kids were calm. I was able to listen to her without my blood pressure going up because the kids couldn't keep quite or stop fighting or asking me questions or making a mess or jumping on furniture or.... I really don't have high blood pressure, but it feels like I do when the kids are crazy.

We spoke about a lot of things, including eating organic foods. We both have come to the same conclusion that organic milk has made our menstrual cycle much lighter and less painful. We are no scientist, but we both felt the difference when we began drinking it. Other than my husband, I had never told anyone before because I thought they would think I was full of hippie treehugging crap. He sort of did too. But then when I discovered my sister felt the same way I thought.... there has to be something to this theory. She was happy to know I felt the same.

What if organic milk does lighten our flow and reduce our pain? Does that mean that all those years I suffered a great deal of pain (dizziness, vomiting, bed ridden cramping) thanks to my menstrual cycle, could have been prevented. It's hard to really know. Like I said, I'm no scientist and I haven't found any studies on this, but it does make me wonder what else could the hormones and other chemicals in non-organic milk be doing to our bodies.

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