Saturday, February 19, 2011

I have a carrot!

After the crazy weather, two sets of frosts separated by warm weather rain and humidity, I (without hope) went into my garden in the backyard and noticed that I still have lettuce in my garden...alive! I have beets growing too. Oh! and what surprised me the most was the growing carrot. The carrot survived both frost and all the cold weather. Not only that when I walked over to look at it the carrot it was so large it was cracking through the dirt. Is it time to harvest?????????

I think I'll gamble and pick it tomorrow. I need to before on of my neighbor's dogs digs it up. I haven't told you the story about the dog yet have I? My neighbor told me the other day that our backyard neighbor has a dog that was able to jump over the fence into my neighbors yard. My neighbor saw this dog in his yard and when he tried to get him the dog jumped over the tall fence into my yard and straight into my garden. He tried jumping back into his own yard from my yard but fell and then jumped over the short wire fence around my garden and then played with my dog. My dogs not much of a guard dog is he?

I never saw any of this but I did see the loose board on the ground in my garden that my neighbor said the dog tried to climb before he fell with it to the ground. Id wondered why the fence board had fallen. If the dog did jump into my yard he must have eventually jumped back to his. I didn't think dogs could jump that high. Will he jump back? Should get my carrot before he does? As if the weather and soil aren't enough to worry about, now I have to worry about an amazingly high jumping dog. Is the dog part cat or squirrel?

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