Sunday, November 16, 2008

CSA and Local Organic

I visited again this past week. I made an online purchase of grass fed meat sticks for my brother-in-law for his birthday and then I searched once more for a local farmer's market near me. The closest one doesn't sell to individuals, but instead downtown at the Farmers Market about 25 miles away from me. They also don't do CSA though they use to. They say the business is too hard any other way. The lady tells me it's only her and her husband and its all done by hand organically. She tells me looking at my huge belly that its all about priority as if my priorities are not set straight or something, because I was concerned about driving so far downtown and the parking availability (not to mention the parking costs) and the early mornings availability. I wanted to say something rude in return to her priority comment, but instead I felt sorry for her because she was a struggling small time farmer. I can't imagine having to survive as a farmer in this economy or any other time. Its hard work. I wanted to convince her to let me drive to her home and pick up every week instead, but she seemed to jaded from her past business experience that instead I told her thank you for her time and I'd see what I could do about making it downtown. Truth is I knew I wouldn't. Maybe once every two months or something, but the gas and the kids and my huge belly and the awkward Saturday times for the Farmer's market was just too huge of an inconvenience for my family's life style.

So this week I looked again I wondered perhaps if there was something closer to me in the other direction. It turns out there is. I sent out 3 emails to the 3 closest farms. All 3 have CSA and one of them has a seasonal farmer's market closer to me. They also farm organically. So far only one has responded. I'll have to calculate the price to see if its worth it for me and them.

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