Thursday, November 13, 2008

Organic VS The Economy

About a week ago I went grocery shopping at K, despite the economy I decided not to cut back on Organics this time. After all the way I see it my family comes first, I'll just have to cut back on other things. So I shopped and bought as much as I could for 2 and a half weeks. I'm 8 months pregnant. It isn't easy shopping anymore. On the way home, I drove by a homeless man and couldn't help but feel guilty at the amount of money I spent on groceries while he sat there hungry. I wanted to stop, grab a bag an hand it to him, but instead like most cold people I ignored him and drove away when the lights turned green. I'm sure people will argue that homeless people want to be homeless, or that they're lazy or that they're drug addicts, etc. I say who are we to judge? Still I've always put it in my mind not to give handouts on the streets but instead donate to places like Goodwill or church organizations (though I don't belong to one) or Purple Heart or habitat for Humanity. Every month or so I donate items or money to help those that are less fortunate than me, but these days there seem to be a lot more unfortunate people and next year when my husband returns whose to say we wont be in their shoes. Its scary to think about. We've been there before, wondering how to make more money so we could pay rent, on welfare and off so we could afford to eat. Its stuff like this that makes me wonder how can eating organic meals be more important than saving every dime in this unstable economy. Then I listen to the news and listen to stories of children, autistic, with cancer or something of this nature living in their current condition because of possible chemicals and pesticides and hormones in their foods. How does a mother choose? I mentioned before I could cut back on other things, but the thing is I already shop at thrift stores when my kids need clothes. I don't have cable. I don't pay for cellphone service. I check out new books and DVD's from the library.... I could go on. Again what is a mother to do?

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