Thursday, January 8, 2009

CSA Response

The response I was waiting for came last week. Recent life changes have kept me from posting the response here sooner. I have altered the names out of respect for privacy.

"Hello, Gloria. This is G^&*.

H#$# has been under the weather and asked that I respond to your inquiry.

First let me say you should never hesitate to say so if our program does not fit your desires, OK? We will understand and you will not offend us. This meat is raised slowly and with great care not only for the creature's well-being and the nutritional qualities that it delivers but for sustainable agriculture and the environment. It's a completely different product and it does cost more.
That being said, we hit these rough spots every year following our hot dry summers. It always slows down our growth, especially in our cattle, which are mostly black and most vulnerable to hot conditions. So our beef has to have time to recover, and we are short on beef items temporarily. Thus the steak and pork chop instead of 2 of each. Sorry - in this program you live and die with your farmer. It will get better.

Also, regardless of the package mix, you will find that your supply will do as promised - feed 2 adults 3 times per week. That does assume that you are eating a balanced meal, but if you weighed everything out, you would find that you have more than 8 ounces per person per meal. My wife and I are not small people, and we easily stretch a package to 14-16 meals per week including leftovers from the roasts and chicken.

We hope you will stay with us long enough to go through a few cycles before you make a decision on our home delivery program.

Another email soon followed.

"One last note, Gloria. The cooler was 1 Sunday meal short of what we usually include. I think you will see that next month is a bit better.


The response was enough for me to decide to give it another shot. Since my email to them and their response I will say that the CSA meats I have tried have not been disappointing (the meat is fresh and tender) and the meals stretched (except for the whole chicken) farther than I thought they would.

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