Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Organic food, HEB, Kroger, and Brookeshire Brothers

The HEB where I live (in Spring) is shabby and small. Though the customer service there is great (sweet people) there isn't much food and product selection and the quality of the fresh food isn't great either so it doesn't matter that the prices are cheap. I don't want low quality food just because the food is cheap. They have very little organic food too. Instead I end up having to take multiple trips to different grocery stores. I go to Brookshire Brothers and Kroger’s for organic foods and fresh foods, but it's expensive. I go to HEB for the organic milk (love Central Market) and when my budget is tight and I'm in a hurry. It is the closest to my home. Lately the budget has been very tight so when I took my baby to the pediatrician this morning I decided to shop at the HEB right around the corner at that location (in the Woodlands). Wow! What a difference and wow! I'm shocked how much money I saved. The commercials are true. :) I saved money on organics foods. I found organic food products I didn't know existed. Regular food was of good quality. The place was clean. Staff was price checking to make sure prices were updated, my questions about products were answered...maybe I just went at a good time. I'll have to take notice of this next time I go there which unfortunately won’t be until the next doctor’s visit. The only thing lacking was the customer service. Employees didn't smile. That really bothers me wherever I go. I've worked customer service and I grew up with a businessman (my dad) so I know how important it is to smile and say hello. Instead they were kind of cold as if they see a lot of customers every day and they are sick of dealing with them. Sure they were still polite and still answered questions, but their faces showed boredom and irritation. If only the HEB near my home (Spring) could expand and improve... With their customer service I would shop there all the time. If Brookshire Brothers would lower prices and the baggers wouldn't show how irritated they are with reusable bags and if the organic milk were of a different brand (that brand is nasty) I would have continued loyally shopping there. If Kroger would lower prices.... I mean really lower them and not try to trick customers with their Kroger card deals I would shop there more often too. It’s always something isn't it? For now I'll just have to wait until doctors appointments to visit the HEB over there. I'll make sure to buy bulk items and pack up on items I rarely shop for, but always need. I could just drive the distance and spend the gas, but that isn't environmentally friendly. I am really trying to combine errands and use reusable bags and all that good stuff. It isn't easy though.

One more complaint about HEB- all of them.... the food deals are great, but I'd love to see more food deals for organic products as well. I don't drink soda or eat junk food often so buying "something" to get a soda or unhealthy food "free" or at a discount doesn’t appeal to me.

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  1. i just recently discovered the beauty of organic food as well! my husband prefers organic food delivered right in our doorstep. It's hassle-free and convenient :)