Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today's CSA Meat Delivery

This is what they put in the ice box today.

1. Ground Beef (3)
2. Ground Pork (1)
3. Whole Chicken (1)
4. Beef Boneless Shoulder Roast (1)
5. Pork Ham Roast (1)
6. New York Strip (2)
7. Spare Rib (1)
8. Pork Bratwurst (1) - a sausage composed of pork, beef, or veal. The name is German, derived from Old High German brätwurst, from brät- which is fine chopped meat and -wurst, sausage.
9. Smoked Bacon (1)
10. Beef Tail (1)
11. Fresh Bacon (1)

The first five types of meats and portion sizes of the meats will be filling however I prepare them. The rest of the meats.... I will either have to buy more meat at the grocery store to compensate, make these meats into stews (such as the beef tail) into rice dishes or serve big portions of side dishes. I may even have to combine them. If I were a better cook I would know exactly what to do.

I have posted pictures I've taken to demonstrate what I mean by portion size. Its hard to explain since there is no portion or weight labeling on the packages.

The last delivery of meat lasted about as long as I thought it would (though I still have the one pork rib and the liver), but as they explained in their reply it is suppose to get better. This time there is some improvement in portion. Still I'm not sure how long I can financially afford to do this. While my husband was here on R&R I realized what a big eater he is. Though the meat may be enough to feed my two little girls and I (I count my two girls as one adult for now), I found it hard to fill him up. I ended up having to buy more food, including meat. I did this for two reasons, because he is a big eater and because the CSA amount is meant to feed two people not three. I'd like to ask the farmers if I could sign up for more, I'm sure they wouldn't have an issue with it, but the question is....can I afford it? No I can't. It's hard to pay for this. I'm not sure how long I can afford to be a member. The financial situation may even be worse for us when he comes back home. I'll just have to wait and see and try it while I can.

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