Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CSA Cancelation

There is a possibility the CSA vegetable program may be canceled for my drop site. It turns out not enough members have signed up this year and the farmers are worried that they will loose money if they deliver to that drop site for only a few members. A part of me is saddened and the other part not so much. The part of me that is sad really wants to do my part for my community and really enjoys being part of a CSA and feeding my family organically grown veggies. The other parts is still shocked about the cost and how far I have to drive each week just to get my organically grown fresh vegetables. It isn't the farmers fault nor is it ours. It just unfortunate that where I live there are not a lot of near by farms, at least not that grow organically and do the CSA thing. Our options are slim around here, yet surprisingly the city is so big. My father-in-law would be disgusted by this comment, but I wish we were more like California. I don't know much about California, except what I've heard and seen on TV. I'm sure that isn't an accurate picture of it though. Still, if I wasn't so attached to my roots here I think I would fit in just fine over there. That's my perception anyway. I would still probably say "fixen" and "ya'll" just because I like the sound of it.

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