Sunday, March 1, 2009

CSA, Liver, Dogs and Organic Food

Did I tell you I asked to skip this month on the CSA delivery? I did. I asked to skip it. It wasn't in my budget this month. Did I tell you I finally cooked the CSA liver? I did. I've never liked the taste of liver. No matter how it's cooked I still can't stand it. Unfortunately, the same rings true with the liver that came in the CSA meats. I waited until I was all out of other meats before cooking it. I sauteed it with onion and salt. I really don't know any other recipe. It smelled great. Wonderful in fact. My kids were going on and on about the how good it smelled. Liver does have a nice smell to it. When it was done cooking I gave a small piece to each of my girls who were so excited to get a taste ( I hardly ever let them taste before a meal) they hopped with joy. My oldest took a huge bite and said yum and just as quickly as she said yum her mouth and face turned into a look of disgust. My youngest was to busy confused about the texture of the meat that she was taking pinches and putting the tiny morsels into her mouth. Then at the same time the both stuck their tongues out and looked at me and told me they didn't like it. Secretly I knew my picky girls wouldn't like it, but a part of me was hoping they would. I wish I were a better cook and maybe I could have somehow made it taste better, but the texture from the liver alone is enough to turn me off and apparently my girls too. Yes I tasted it too and I just.... couldn't bare it. I was so disappointed. All the other meats from the CSA meat have been remarkably better compared t regular meats that I assumed the liver would taste better too, but it wasn't. Not in my opinion or my daughters. I hated to waste it, but I knew there was no way we would eat it. So I gave it to my dog who enjoyed it very much. He ate it up in less than 5 minutes. That made me think about an article I read somewhere, wish I could remember where, about why dogs should be fed organic meals too. I looked at my dog and gave him a pat on the head and told him, "I wish I could sweety, but I can barely afford to buy organic foods for us". The next time I went to the big HEB I looked for organic dog food, just to check out the prices, but there wasn't any organic food available for dogs that I could find. I continued shopping for my organic food, wishing there was more selection there too. Then I began to wonder how I would come up with the money to buy organic food in the next couple of months. The job security situation has me a little worried for once. Then I began to wonder why I am worried about organic food at a time like this. Maybe because I believe doing so completes the circle. You know, the circle of life. Don't laugh. I'm serious. It is what will pull us through. If those few of us who can still afford to buy organic foods, eco-friendly products and such still keep doing what we can to buy it, we help others keep their jobs (local farmers, eco-friendly companies, green organizations, etc) and if they keep their jobs they can grow big and create more jobs, more green jobs. More green jobs means a healthier economically sound non-toxic country, perhaps world. In the end this all means a healthy stable world for our kids. Its hard to think so far ahead though when in the next few months anything can change. What if I can't even pay my mortgage? Should I buy the organic tomatoes that cost twice as much or regular tomatoes that I can afford, but have pesticide?

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