Friday, May 15, 2009

More on our Organic Garden

Yesterday, my husband and I debated about taking a trip to the store and buying a large decorative pot to place our herbs (cilantro, sage, basil, ect.) in order to keep our herbs in the front yard without the homeowners association sending us a letter about our tacky garden. We calculated the cost and decided against it, but we really needed to repot our herbs since they were growing weaker. We still had not repotted our herbs since we bought them at the store a few weeks ago. Then I asked my husband if he could make me a pot/planter out of the recycled wood we have in the garage. The recycled wood is wood my neighbor and I took from peoples front lawn trash after IKE hit. Yes, my nieghbor and I are occasional garbage recyclers. If we can reuse it, it isn't disgusting, is easy to grab from the trash pile and if it can save us money we will grab it and reuse it. I'm not ashamed. It's eco-friendly and saves a bunch of money.

Back to the original subject: My husband said he would give it a try... Take a look at what he made.

He said it was easy to do, but it took him about an hour and a half to make. All he used was recycled wood, a nail gun, an automatic saw, and window screen (for the bottom). I think it looks nice enough to keep in the front yard. I could be wrong, but I prefer to think I have some taste. So, I aked my husband to build me two more for some of my other plants. He was delighted I liked it. I guess I don't compliment the poor guy enough. I'll try to more often.

Time to head out back to the garden before I spend the rest of the day studying for my exam, feeding my kiddos and then work this evening.

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