Friday, May 22, 2009

9th CSA Pickup a Turn For the Better

It seems the CSA veggie pickups are improving. No more nasty bitter lettuce. This week we had two bags of veggies. One bag was a large bunch of celery. The other bag was 3 yellow onions, 3 red potatoes, two more round squash and a large squash. We also have more rosemary which we are currently hanging to dry since last month we bought our own rosemary bushes and planted them in our front yard near the front porch. They smell so good and look very pretty.

Our recipes for this week have been:

1. Tomato Fennel Soup from We finally made this and used the left over fennel leaves and stems though it called for fennel bulbs. I really liked this soup and plan to make it again next time we have fennel. The fennel leaves gave it a different texture then fennel bulbs would have.

1a. the next day for dinner we used the leftover fennel soup to bake with chicken . We added some spaghetti sauce (to use up the little that was left in the fridge. We are really trying not to waste any food). The flavor was very very good, but the chicken texture was a bit rough. We baked it too quickly in to high of a heat. Next time we need to cook it longer at a lower temperature.

2. Summer Chicken Squash from Instead of yellow squash we used the round squash seen in the picture below.

3. Celery and Almond Soup from This was lovely. I loved it. We ate it with homemade Penni sandwiches.

4. Baked Fish and Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic from This was great! My husband really knows how to cook fish. The potato texture was my favorite. On the side we had sauteed squash.

5. Banana Bread from My husband says this was one of the best banana breads he has every had. My girls loved it and I was impressed too. I accidentally made the top of the bread a little crispy and it made all the difference. My husband had just baked something in the oven at 400. I then switched the temp to 350 for the bread. Instead of waiting though I stuck it in there and set the timer. I cooked it for 1 hour. The top was crispy not burnt and the middle was moist. The banana bread was about 75% organic. I made it with organic sugar, organic cinnamon, organic and very rip bananas, crystal salt, organic egg etc. Instead of buttermilk I used yogurt and I also added walnuts.

6. Celery Slaw from This was also very good. The next day with the left over salad I added a few craisins. It made it even better.

7. We had tuna salad today with the CSA celery.

8. For dinner we plan on cooking spaghetti with the bit of tomato fennel soup left over and a jar of organic spaghetti sauce from HEB. I look forward to dinner.

Eating at home this week has been great. We are enjoying learning to cook new things. We are enjoying our meals....well our kids are kids and they can be picky. Some things they really like. Some things they don't.

Besides being in the kitchen we spend a lot of time of our short vacation in the yard. I have been working on my flower garden
icon and my husband has been working on the vegetable gardenicon. He is working on digging and tilling the dirt. He's almost done. He plans to add the compost next. In the meantime these are some of the watermelon and melon seedlings he is growing in pots in the front yard.

When I get the chance I do a little extra research for recipes, dry herbs how-to, and scanning pictures in hopes I can identify the CSA squash. I believe they are all a variety of summer squash. This is what I think my squash are individually :

1. The white one from last week is called White Bush Scallop Squash.
2. I think the round ball squash above is a Eightball Squash, but I could be wrong.
3. The long one in the picture above may be a zucchini but I'm not sure.

There are so many types of squash and so many different ways of eating them it is overwhelming. For more on summer squash take a look at the links below:
1. Squash Glossary
2. Summer Squash
3. All About Summer Squash
4. Summer Squash from Local Harvest
5. A lot of summer squash pictures


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