Monday, July 27, 2009

Tomorrow Is The Last Pickup

I can't decide what to do about the veggie CSA. Tomorrow is the last pickup for the summer. The payment for the next season is due on the first. If I were to put this on a scale it would look like this. On the right side I would put 2 lbs for the yummy taste of the food and 3 lbs for the learning experience. On the left side I would place 1 lb for the time of pick up, 3 lb for the drive through traffic and distance, and 1 lb for the amount and variety. I would also add a lb on the left side because I wish there was a way I could have bonded more with the rest of the CSA community. It all seemed rather....distant. Wait I think I have decided. It seems I will not be a part of this particular CSA next season. I will look into other CSA communities for next season. Perhaps new ones have been added to the local harvest website. Maybe the new ones are a bit closer and less expensive.

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