Thursday, August 20, 2009

It is big!

While cutting our back yard grass for us, and while I took the weeds out of the front garden my neighbor looked through our cucumber plant. My girls came shouting, "We have a cucumber! A cucumber!" I said, "No we don't?" They said "uh-huh!" Coming around the corner my neighbor is saying something about a cucumber too.

I thought they were playing another prank so ask my neighbor to watch my baby who is in the playpin. I go take a look for myself but I can't see it. My girls, who made sure to follow me, point out, "There it is!" I ask, "where?" They shout, "There!". Sure enough there it is and it is huge. I tell my oldest to go get my camera then I worry she may break it, so I run in after the camera myself. I take a few pictures and then I take a few step forwards to take it off the vine.

We haven't had a taste of it yet. My husband has been coming home from work late and I want to wait to share it with him. He did get a good look at it. He was shocked by its size. We were all shocked that there was even one available, with the lack of rain and all.

We later found another tiny little one growing near the bottom. Today's long awaited rain should juice it up.

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