Friday, August 7, 2009

Just Another Day

I would like to say I learned something new today about living organically, but truth be told I haven't exactly lived very organic lately. For the exception of composting, recycling and conserving here and there I'm also barely living green at all.
Other than the organic cotton diaper bummies kit I bought for my baby a few weeks ago I've fallen off the organic wagon, not on purpose...I mean financially. So, I'm at a loss for words. What Organic Taste can I possible introduce to you today? Maybe a bitter one. Maybe a bitter one because I want to feed my family the healthiest foods possible, but money or lack there of means I must choose between feeding my family healthy foods and not paying bills, or feeding my family foods with pesticides and pollutants so that I can pay the bills. It shouldn’t be this way. Why does it cost more to buy organic? Is it due to increase in labor since toxic chemicals cannot be used to help get rid of harmful crop pests or are the prices just jacked up because of the hype about eating organic.
I really wish we could have pulled off a successful garden. My husband has had to work such long hours that he hasn't tended to the garden in a month. I haven't either. Our once blooming and beautiful gardens have been over taken by weeds and cracking dirt. The rain comes but only after everything is about ready to die only to be revived and then die gain. My poor magnolia is feeling it too.
So my taste is bitter, for lack of time, lack of money and lack of know how. Did we plan too big? Have we given up? Is it just too hot to step outside and tend to the garden? Since June hit this year. I hardly see anyone outside unless early in the morning or late in the evening. No one wants to go outside in this heat.
The plants have no choice but to live in it.

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