Friday, August 28, 2009

Sometimes When You Give Up Something Inspires You Again

A few days ago I went out in the backyard to dump my kitchen scraps in the compost bin. I gave a glance at our abandoned garden with the overgrown weeds and I thought, I should take a look if any other cucumbers were growing. To my surprise I noticed one hanging down in the middle. I was so excited. Then suddenly I noticed another one growing on the ground. I looked through some more leaves and found a third.

These were not little cucumbers either. They were huge, as you can see in the picture above. I ran back inside for my camera and called to my husband who was home and not at work this time and I said to him "follow me". I had to say it once or twice for him to do it, but he finally did. When I arrived at the garden pile-up door (we still don't have a gate, but instead a chair, some wire, a wooden board and a broom stick all in a mangle to keep our dog out) I moved the wooden board to the side and told him to come look.

I showed him what I found and he was shocked. Then we were shocked to find a fourth one. He told me right away to harvest them and I did. He grabbed one and said we would give it to our neighbor. I took pictures of course. He went back inside, then I went back inside and I waited for him to come back.

He said he told the neighbor about it being a tradition to share a 1/4 of the harvest with the neighborhood. He said our neighbor was surprised that we had 3 others as huge as the one handed to him. I smiled. It felt good to know that we got something out of our partial hard work and time.

Like my husband said today, "If I didn't have to work 50 or more hours a week, I would love to be in the garden". I believe it. I would have to add to that, "also if it wasn't so hot".

In the mean time we will just have to eat our cucumbers. We cut up the first one and ate half in a Cesar salad and the other half in just a regular green salad the next day. The cucumber smell....was so fresh and delicious.

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