Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They Just Keep Coming In

The cucumbers keep coming in. Watching them grow from tiny little nubs on the plant into large cucumbers from one week to the next is amazing. We've had them in salads, on sandwiches, as a side dish with lemon and salt...  I have also given some away to my mom and plan to give more away as they come in.

The cantelop is thriving too, but the best part is in our neighbors yard. It crawled into his yard between both of our fences. We joke about it, but still no fruit to fight over. We really wouldn't fight. As much as he has done for us he can have several. Wouldn't it be nice if several grew?

The watermelon is still struggling, but it does look stronger now and with all the recent and wonderful rain, it is bound to take off any day now.

My front garden looks great. I took a week to clear weeds a few weeks back and now the roses on all three rose bushes are blooming. I have so many I can take a few and place them in our new flower press. My avacado trees are filled with green leaves once again. Previously all the leaves had browned and wilted down or fallen off. New leaves have brought color back to my tiny trees. My magnolia still does not have any new leaves but it too is recoverying well. The leaves that managed to survive the drought are growing larger and when I look closely I can see new leaves coming in and out of the stems.

All the plants look great and the bugs.... what a site! I have seen an enormous amount of lizards, birds, snails, butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, and I have even seen several humminbirds. The humminbirds of course never stay long enough for photographs. I'll snap a picture of one one of these days. I just need to plant more hibiscus in my yard to bring them in.

Unfortuantly, the water has also brought in a few of those large flying roaches. I'm sure they have a positive natural impact on the environment somehow, but they are the only bugs I can't stand to see or hear. Have you ever heard a roaches pitter patter? It brings chills up my spine every time.

Today is a beautiful sunny day with a little bit of humidity. Our neighbor mowed our lawn yesterday, so it looks even better. As always I haven't done much to the gardens, other than an occasional watering if allowed, weeding (if time allows) and composting. I just let nature take its course and wow, what a turn around. Next year we will be prepared with rain barrels so the plants wont be as neglected. 


  1. Our cukes have played out, I'm always so sad to see them go. I had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner..and at any point inbetween.

    Still getting lots of tomatoes, and peppers, and the fall greens are beginning to come...picked the first cooking today. Yummy!

    Happy weekend~

    Bea Kunz
    Sage Hill Farms

  2. How wonderful. How long have you been gardening?