Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The New CSA, the School Garden and the Tomatoes

I don't have much time to write this post, but I wanted to post something about what happened in these past two weeks before it gathers with future events and I end up writing one gigantic long entry like my last one.

The news:

The New CSA-Today I picked up the first basket of vegetables at the CSA I switched to for this season. The batch was small and some of it didn't look very fresh, but the pickup was much closer than the last location. The pick up time is also convenient and there also isn't much traffic going to or coming back from the location. I will update this entry with pictures once I get the chance.

The School Garden- Remember in one of my last entries (the last one I think) I posted the conversation my husband and I had with the expert gardener who gave us a ton of advice? Did I mention I had a small conversation with her about starting a school garden? Well, long story short she suggested I contact the school principal and then find a teacher interested in starting a school garden. So....on teacher conference day I stopped by the front office asked for the pricipal. She wasn't in but they left her a message. Several days later C.G. gave me a call and told me she was the 5th grade science teacher. The principal gave her my number because she had also mentioned a school garden to the principal.

I don't know how to explain the excitement I felt during that phone call other than that after I found out she was excited too and after I hung up with her I put the phone down and began to clap, then shake my fists in the air while I lifted both heels off the ground and back down repeatedly.  I know, this was a very weird reaction, but that is what I did and now I must live with a picture of it in my head forever.

Earlier this week I received an email with her available times so that we can meet. I replied with my availability and a few how to start a school garden links. I can't wait until we meet. I hope we can pull this off and make a success of it. 

Oh! I almost forgot. We have tomatoes! In our back yard garden we have tomatoes. Of course I rubbed it in when I told my husband about them. He wouldn't believe me a tomato plant was growing in our garden and now there are 4 tomatoes growing on the vine. Still no watermelon. Still no cantelop. The cucumber is still giving us cucumbers but not many and the plant looks as if it doesn't have much left in it. It is either the bug or the weather that is weakening the plant. Either way it served its purpose and now we know we can plant cucumbers next year. The spearmint is taking a while to grow, but it is growing.

Oh! I also found a Health Food store near where I live, but I will chat more of that later. I need to finish cooking dinner.

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