Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Darn Freezer!!!!!!! And Frijoles a La Chara

We almost lost our entire months worth of CSA meet. We noticed things in our freezer were melting. It turns out our freezer was not properly organized and ice/frost built up in the back creating poor circulation in the freezer. But!!!!!!!! We saved it! Yeah we saved it!

There we were cooking as much meet as we possible could to store it in the fridge so that it couldn't go bad. We gave the liver to the dog. We can't stand the stuff no matter how we try it. My dog on the other hand loves the stuff. It was gone in seconds.It was the first to melt to so it would not have lasted through the freezer fixin. That's right I said fixin. That's the Texan in me.

On another note the poblano peppers, cilantro and the leaks from last weeks CSA have helped me make some great meals. What an amazing flavor. Today with some CSA sausage, non-CSA bacon, diced CSA leak, diced CSA poblano pepper, tomato, pinto beans and CSA cilantro, I made Frijoles a La Chara. My husband said they were the best I have ever made.

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