Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Science Teacher, The Second CSA Week and a Toast to Great Meals

In the oven right now is a whole chicken cut in half covered in olive oil, salt and fresh CSA rosemary. Next to the chicken dish are 3 small CSA sweet potatoes. We will have a salad with the chicken and the sweet potato. In the salad there is CSA radishes, fresh from the farm today tomatoes and fresh from our garden cucumber. My stomach growls in anticipation.

At the grocery store, Kroger,  the organic milk was on Manager Special so it came at half the cost. At the farm not only did we buy fresh tomatoes, we also bought a pumpkin. The pumpkin looked great. When our girls arrived home we carved the pumpkin. My husband did most of the work but it was all very enjoyable and gooey. The seeds were separated and are waiting to be baked. Half will be baked with sugar the other half with salt. The inside gunk was thrown in the compost bin and then a soy candle was lit in the carved and cleaned pumpkin head. Yes, I have pictures.

Today, despite the heavy rains we had to drive in, has been a wonderful day. Soon we will all sit at the table and eat a fresh healthy meal, part local, part organic, all fresh and I will smile because I and my husband are giving my family the best we can, on a budget, for our health and our future. My heart leaps in excitement.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the meeting with the Science teacher C.G. about the school garden. It went very well. Then I will tell you about this weeks CSA adventure. It's dinner time.

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