Sunday, January 3, 2010

Food In 2010

My life hasn't been as organic as I've hoped, especially the last two month of 2009. And the first few days of 2010 haven't started off so well either. To be honest I think I'm a bit depressed or my body is reacting to all the junk I've eaten. Maybe its the dark cold weather. Maybe its the guilt that I haven't fed my children the healthiest meals either. Maybe its our money troubles. Maybe..... maybe its a lot of things. I keep telling myself I'm going to start exercising again, but I haven't. I think a little exercise would do me a lot of good. Just a little over two years ago I could run 6 miles on the treadmill. I could run a few on the trails (the trails are tough on my knees) too. Then I got pregnant. Then I had my baby. Then My husband came back from Iraq for good and now everything is back to normal, and though I began the year physically fit and filled with energy and happiness despite life's problem, the end of the year and the beginning of this year are not so cheerful for me, though I have everything to be grateful for. Like I said it's probably the weather and I just need to force myself to begin. I need to force myself to eat better again today, no more holiday junk food. I knew it was bad that we had it, but it comes in gifts, in stocking stuffers, from schools, for homemade baked goods and before I knew it I was just saying only a little bit to myself and my children. There's no harm in a little bit and there wasn't except a little bit became a lot, because I have a problem with food...when I'm down I eat it for comfort. The worse I eat the worse I feel. The worse I feel the less I care what I eat and if it's organic, or local or even healthy a slight bit goes out the window. I know this too, but I do nothing. Nothing at all until I'm tired of feeling tired and down. I think I'm at that point now. I hope I am. I feel like I am and yesterday I began to take those tiny steps to get back on track. The junk food is almost all gone and I don't plan on buying any either. We go shopping on Tuesday...

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  1. You can get back on track. Shortly before you go shopping eat a healthy balanced meal. Try to avoid those aisles with the dangerous foods. Make a game of skipping past the endcaps - hold your breath or count in a foreign language.
    Choose a visual goal to work towards. You will see progress, but begin with small steps.
    I, too, need to begin again. Set your mind up to believe in yourself and you will succeed.