Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Hard Freeze

The broccoli survived the hard freeze surprisingly well. However it's under attack by beautiful tiny green caterpillars. Other then hand picking them off we haven't done much more to help them fight the fight. The parsley, rosemary and cilantro and about 1/3 of the flowering plants survived the hard freeze. 1/3 of them look melted, but I'm sure what is under ground is just fine. The other 1/3..... I don't have much hope for these plants. Truth be told I didn't cover the plants this time. According to the plant exchange group I'm a part of even if I had covered the plants, many would have still not survived. I guess you never know.

The garden in the backyard is covered in a few layers of leaves from my neighbors' yards. There is one small area were the mint is still spreading. I plan to let it spread as much as possible. Eventually I plan to use it in homemade remedies and teas. The rest of garden will have beds built, if we can ever gather enough cinder block. Right now we are looking for large pots to plant potatoes. I say cut a soap barrell in half. I'm not sure my husband likes the idea. I'll let you know if I convince him.

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