Monday, February 22, 2010

The broccoli Is blooming, the birds are flying and the squirrels are running

While admiring the tiny little birds in my front garden from my living room window this morning I noticed yellow flowers blooming from the broccoli. I pointed them out to my daughter who was kneeling next to me on the sofa also watching the tiny birds fly into the garden. After a few seconds some more tiny birds flew into the garden and then two more in the yard, all of them pecking at the dirt. Unfortunately, my neighbor's (the one to the left of my house) cats noticed them too and they came quickly after the birds, but the birds flew away just in time.

After that I went about cleaning. While washing the dishes I noticed a few more tiny birds in the tall bushes. I found myself wish I could go outside quite enough to take a picture of the birds, but as soon as I open a door to step outside they fly away and taking a picture through a glass window never comes out well. In the tree in the far left corner of my backyard there were two fuzzy tails quickly tangling and untangling together. I was sure these were squirrels, but before I could see their cute little faces my dog shoots out running from the close right corner of the yard towards the fence. I see a squirrel jump up off the fence and back onto it, I happened so fast I couldn't tell what happened but as my dog keeps chasing the squirrel, jumping and hitting his top paws on the fence so that the entire fences looks like it will fall over, the squirrel leaps off the fence onto my neighbor's (the one behind) my house) shed roof. He runs across the roof and then flies to the tree in the center of my neighbor's backyard.

Those tiny little creatures can really move quickly. My dog didn't even have a chance. In all these years I don't think he has ever caught one. As for the birds he usually let's them rome freely about the yard, most of the time. However, my neighbor's dog and cats have caught their share of birds.

Right now it in the middle of the afternoon the day is bright and beautiful. I'm not even sure what I am doing inside. I will have to take advantage of the day as soon as my girls get home. I'm sure they will want to play with their neighbor and friend J.  In the mean time I'll do what I always do. I will hold on to my toddler as I carefully inspect my organic garden and then I'll let him run around the  yard.

By the way I'm taking advantage of my garden and using the picture I take  at my Zazzle Store.

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