Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Petition

I watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. It is one of the few reality shows I have ever been interested in. Why? It actually has something worth watching. I can relate to the need for the change. I have kids of my own. I have seen what they serve at the cafeteria. I have taken the time to eat with my kids and I have eaten their lunches. I think every parent should do this so they can understand what their kids are eating every day.

So, for about half of the week I pack my kids lunches in reusable lunch bags with reusable napkins and reusable drink bottles. My kids don't go to school with lunchables and chips though. I pack lunches with fresh fruits and vegetables with that old fashion sandwich Jamie was searching for on the last episode. When my kids eat at school I remind them to pick a fruit and a vegetable and I let them know why it is important. I'm happy to say that compared to other school the school my kids go to do offer fresh fruits, but yes they do have those chicken nuggets and the pizza and the burgers and some really super dry bland tamales. Yes, I have tried them.

When they get home, if I remember to, I ask them what they eat at school so I know what is going into their little bodies. I only wish they had better options for the main meal. My daughter says there is a mighty meal line with healthier options, but honestly, I forget to look for it when I eat lunch with my kids. As for the flavored milk.... I had no idea they had so much sugar... so, when I learned this I told my kids right away what I learned. I think my oldest daughter understood. My youngest though may now want the flavored milk even more. She LOVES sugars. She is one of those kids that will steal sugar packets if she sees them.

As for the show, sure a lot of what we see on the show has been greatly edited to show us the worst of the worst or the best of the best. The show has to attract the biggest amount of viewers it can so it can stay on air. So, I understand the purpose behind the exaggeration and repetitions. Still, I would love to see a representation of those of us out there that are middle ground or completely the opposite.

I also really believe there is sincerity to the show and to Jamie's intentions. He really wants to make a change. Many of us do. We have talked about, started our own little revolutions, forumed about it, blogged about it, twittered about it and so on. Jamie has taken it further. He's taken the revolution to a place were he can everyone's attention. He's taken into our home on our TV screen in the evening when many of us our home resting from a hard days work really wanting to just sit down or lie down and zone out in front of the TV.  Then he is showing us how to make the change. He is showing it what it takes. It helps that he has cameras and connections to back him up.

Maybe next year he'll help schools reduce the daily waste from school cafeterias too. One step (battle) at a time...  Our children’s' immediate health comes first.

Needless to say, I'm in for the fight. I too will be part of his revolution. I even signed his petition...

Support this revolution

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