Saturday, May 1, 2010

What is happening to the trees?

Yesterday, while driving on our street my husband and I noticed that many of our neighbors across the street have cut down the trees in their front yard in the past month or two. We cant understand why. These trees were mature, tall and beautiful. There was nothing wrong with the them. They were not dieing. They were not endangering the houses for the exception of one tree who's roots were damaging the underground pipes of a the house.

It makes me sad to think about it. Anyone can just chop a tree down just like that. No remorse. They just do it so they wont have to rake leaves, or pick up pine cones or deal with pollen. What is this hatred for trees that people have? What is this overall idea that we can just destroy something at the snap of our fingers just because we're human...just because it bothers make space for other have a better make life easier for ourselves. That's the thing with us. We would rather destroy something despite its importance just so we can sit back and relax and not have to deal with it. Maybe this is why we are such a fat society. We take the easy way out. We do what is easiest because that is all we have time for we tell ourselves. Yet, we find ourselves making time for frivolous things that do not benefit it us in anyway.

What would happen to us as a society if we didn't take the easy way out? What would happen if we shifted our priorities about what to work hard for? What if we worked harder for our health and happiness rather than for money? What if we took the time to slow down and breath in some fresh air? Would we notice the trees? Would we notice their beauty? Would we notice the benefit their existence brings to our lives?

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  1. Organic Taste, I too have a hard time with the loss of trees due to reckless actions by uninformed people.

    There has always been and will always be, those who take the easiest way around any situation, with no thought to the aftermath of their choices.

    More than ever we need the buffering that trees give us from the elements....

    Hubby and I plant a few tree's every year to add to the ones we already have.

    Happy spring~

    Bea Kunz