Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CSA and Soups Equal Good Food

On my stove right now is dinner. Its a healthy soup filled with vegetables and ground beef. A few spices and herbs. The recipe with amount of your choice:

large pot
csa ground beef
corn cobs split in half bought from store
organic carrots bought from the store
csa super small potatoes (perfect for this soup) from the first CSA pick up of this season
csa green beans of a new variety also from today's CSA pick up
left over purple cabbage from the store
left over white onion from the store
very little from the fajita spice mix
celery salt- just a dash to make up for the lack of celery in the soup (I ran out)
cilantro from my garden (which was doing very well up until the heat of this week)
tap water
large soup bowls (smaller for the kids)
spoons unless your willing to go without
empty stomachs
clear nostrils - smells so good while it boils
a smile

I cut up all the veggies into big chunks. Add the meat. Put it all in the water. Add the the spices and herbs. Cover the large pot and let it boil for an hour or until done. Done means vegetables are soft. How soft depends on you. I like them almost falling apart soft.

I've made this dish before with different veggies, different spices. It always has a lot of veggies and ground beef and of course water. It is always very good.

When done serve in large bowl. You can add lime or lemon to the soup. You can eat with crackers or my favorite, tortillas, which I roll and dip in the soup and then bite along with a spoon full of food. My husband like to add pico de gallo. Too bad. We don't have any to make today. Eat and enjoy!

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