Saturday, May 8, 2010

Greenbeans and Soybeans in my garden!

For the past week I have worried the lack of rain would kill my plants too soon or leave them too weak to fruit. I know this is terrible, but I only water them when I know rain wont be coming. Today I watered them and transplanted a few more seedling into the back yard garden. As I messed in my garden I noticed that the soybeans had several small soy pods hanging from the stems and that the green beans had 2 pods. These are plants I grew from seed in toilet paper rolls so I was very proud to see them begin to fruit especially when they haven't received the amount of water they deserve. I also transplanted the store bought tomato seedlings (right in the cinder block holes) into the garden in the back and each plant has a small tomato growing on it.

Next next growing period I plan to start some plants indoors. My only concern is that I have no shelving units to put the pots on. I will need to find a solution. As of now I start them and leave them on my patio bench, but I often run out of space or some of the plants don't get the same amount of sunlight. I would love one of those rolling shelving units I saw a gardener use on YouTube. It was perfect for growing seedlings.

I would love a rain barrel too, but so far the three people that have let me know they could give me a plastic barrel or two for free or at a discount haven't come through. Oh well! I will have to keep trying.

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