Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cilantro Seeds, Rain, Rain...

I decided my two cilantro plants have given all they can give in this weather. They bloomed. The blooms died and then little balls began to form. I figured out these tiny green balls were the seeds. I left them out to dry for a few weeks and then a few days ago I cut down the dried up plant and collected all the stems with dried up seeds. I hand picked them all off and right now they are sitting in a plastic container.

I've never grown cilantro from seed. Do I plant them straight into the ground? What should the weather or season be like for best results? I guess I will have to do a little reading and a lot of experimenting to find out.

I am trying to do all of the same things with my parsley too, but it has not dried up and stopped giving completely. Next to it the recent rains have made the basil strong and it's tiny leaves are growing large.

Many of my plants in the front yard are doing very well. In the back only the mint, the squash (I'm not sure which type yet) and the cucumber are growing strong. The recent rains have helped a lot. I'm not sure if I should just till up the rest and start all over. Maybe I should just begin throwing seeds out there again and see what takes and what doesn't.

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