Monday, June 21, 2010

Its Hot and Humid... I am a miserable gardener

 I haven't watered the plants. I feel guilty, but I'm too much of a wimp to go outside unless I have to, like going to work. Early this morning on my way to work it was already in the 90s. It is almost 6 pm now and  it is still hot. My poor plants are thirsty and droopy. There is no water to give them from the rain barrels because it hasn't rained in days. I also haven't fixed the barrels to receive water directly in the top holes but even if I had there still has not been rain. Tomorrow I will try to be brave and venture out in the early morning before work to water my plants. Or I will just have to do it in the late evening, but that will only bring in more bugs..... right now I'm not sure what to do....  Did I mention how hot it is even indoors? Maybe in about an hour I will go water my plants and then stand under the water hose myself. Cold water sounds great! I'm thirsty too.

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