Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants"

Today's posting will be short. Please cheer quietly as it is late at night. I am aware I haven't posted in awhile. Some times there just isn't much to say because some times there isn't much to recollect.

This month I have done little with the garden (actually most months are like this) but I have been thinking a lot about food. I have Squidoo, RocketMoms, the Foodlover's group, a fitness challenge at work, a food diet blog tour and my sister's wedding to thank for that. My goal is to eat healthier. My husband say we already eat healthy enough especially compared to the rest of America.

I'm not eating healthy in comparison to others. I'm doing it for me and to lead by example for my kids. If only it was that easy. The CSA baskets and the CSA meats are great but they don't last long and when they're gone or out of season I still have to go shopping at the grocery store, filled with tempting things like Hostess cupcakes. I don't buy them but when I'm home I find myself craving them all day. I hate it. Just writing about them and my mouth is watering.

I tell myself I'm going to start learning how to make my own sweets and desserts but unless it's a special occasion I really don't have time to make them. Speaking of desserts, I picked up a few healthy eating books at the library yesterday (they had a snake exhibition at the community center right next door my hubby and I took our kids to). One of the books I picked up was Food Rules. Its a great one day read with a lot of simple healthy eating ideas I needed reminding of. This is what eating healthy should be about. I never understood the need for calorie counting or any of that nonsense. I wish there were more books like this and a whole lot less of the ones that read something like this, "Loose 10 pounds in 8 days eating cookies!". Seriously?

As for my garden and everything else... the cucumber and squash are still growing despite the heat and the basil in the front yard looks great. I learned last year basil likes this weather. Earlier this week I picked a bucket full of ripe figs from my neighbors backyard (he let me) and today while grocery shopping I bought two spagetti squash. I can't wait to try them with tomorrows dinner. What a tasty week.

I really can't keep it short can I?

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