Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just When The Roses Where Kissing the Winter

It bites back. The temperature drops and it's going to last this way for several hours, days. My mother calls, tells me to tell my husband to cover the pipes, the plants, bring in the dog and make sure the kids and us are covered from head to toe. So... we do.

I'm tired of the cold. My hands and feet ache. My old house and old ac unit can't keep up. It stays cold downstairs as if the heater were never on and so we put on sweaters and socks, lie on the sofa covered in blankets watching TV or reading. Then when we go upstairs to bed and it's so hot we take everything off until the heater decides it wants to quit and we freeze at night. My heart goes out to those who must live in colder climates for longer periods of times. They must think we're wimps.

Right now my beautiful roses bushes, my little magnolia tree and a few other plants are covered in blankets. I didn't protect much this year. I'm concentrating on just keeping the kids and I warm. Besides, I know what will grow back. I didn't have much to cover either.

The squash? Oh yeah! That died around the beginning of December. With little to do in the garden (not that I would go outside right now) and no CSA during this season there I'm going to have to come up with something to share here. I scarily come around as it is...

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