Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tofu and Broccoli

The night before last I cooked Tofu stir fry for dinner. I used my home grown organic broccoli in the veggies stir and I used the tofu recipe from thedailygreen to make the dish. My kids loved it! They really loved it. They asked me to make it again. So....I'm happy to say I finally I made really good tofu. The sauce made all the difference. Thanks thedailygreen.

For the The Ultimate Tofu Stir Fry recipe click here.

Earlier afternoon my neighbor, the one that often brings me mustard greens from her garden, traded soybean seedlings for greenbean seeds, basil seeds and seeds to some flowering plant. I gave her the seedlings after showing her what they looked like in my newspaper potters. She loved the newspaper, toilet roll, and oatmeal container potters. She was suprised at how easy it was to make them and how much money they saved. She also mentioned her interest in growing soybeans herself. So, I gave her one of my two soybean trays. She took the trays home and then came back with seeds. I love this trading system between us. I hope it continues.

Now, I have to make more newspaper potters and plant some green beans and basil. It's another beautiful day today. Yeah!

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